Protect Fragile Items

Special crating adds a layer of protection for fragile items. In some cases, crating is required if the fragile items are insured. In order to create custom crates, we build wooden crates that perfectly fit the dimensions of the items to be moved. When the item arrives at your new home, the crate will be unloaded from the moving truck and disassembled. The wood can be taken away, or if you’d prefer to keep the crating materials for your next move, you can keep and store them.

Crating is a great way to protect fragile, antique, or sensitive items. Some businesses have specialty equipment and instruments that are very sensitive to the rigors of moving. You may want to consider crating if you have any of the following fragile items:

  • Chandeliers
  • Electronics
  • Delicate Furniture
  • Inherited Precious Items
  • Computers
  • Artwork
  • Sculptures
  • Antiques
  • Flat Screen Televisions

Pack Oddly Shaped Items

Some items aren’t necessarily fragile, but they just don’t fit in standard cardboard boxes. This is especially true of large, heavy items. Heavy items could disfigure cardboard boxes or crush other boxes if they were accidentally stacked incorrectly. Wooden crates solve these problems and help your oddly shaped items to arrive safely at their new destination.

Order Custom Solutions

Chandeliers, ornate mirrors, sculptures, and sensitive electrical equipment all have one thing in common: they’re all difficult to move. But that doesn’t mean they can’t be successfully moved and protected at every step along the way.

Our packing and crating specialists can create custom solutions for your trickiest items. Specialized cushioning, blocking, bracing, and custom foam can all be incorporated into your one-of-a-kind shipping crates.

Safeguard Your Art

Over the past 30 years, Father & Son Moving has worked with art galleries, museums, and private and corporate art collectors to safely move fine art wherever it needs to go. We firmly believe that the way we care for your art is an art form unto itself. We know fine art is irreplaceable, so we go to great lengths to handle it with the care and respect it deserves.

Each piece of fine art is unique, so we create custom crates that perfectly fit each one. This prevents the art from being damaged or exposed to the elements during transport. Our most important rule is: “don’t take chances.” You can expect us to treat your fine art gently and respectfully, the way we would treat one of our own precious possessions.

Father & Son Special Crating

We’ve been designing and creating custom crates for our customers for years, and the results have been fantastic. With custom-designed crating, cushioning, and wrapping, our customers’ most precious possessions arrive at their new homes or offices in beautiful shape.

If you’re interested in learning more about our special crating services, contact us at Father & Son. We will arrange for an initial design consultation and cost estimate that includes all the packing materials and labor. Our professional packers and movers can provide on-site crating for the items you’re most concerned about. They’ll be gently handled and safely delivered to your new home or business. Your peace of mind is assured.

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