When our packing specialists arrive at your home, they’ll introduce themselves so you’ll be familiar with the people who will be working in your home or office. The team leader will walk through the space to get to know each room’s needs. He or she will also ask if there are items that need special attention because they’re fragile, antique, or have multiple components.

As the packing specialists work, they’ll treat your family or staff courteously and respectfully. They work quietly and cleanly, understanding that you still need to get your own work done. They arrive promptly and address your concerns and questions politely. You’ll enjoy working with them.

Quality Packing Materials

When you use Father & Son professional packing services, your household or office items won’t be packed in produce boxes or laundry baskets. They’ll be carefully placed in high-quality moving boxes and wrapped in packing paper or bubble wrap.

Our packing specialists bring boxes of varying sizes so each item is placed in its ideal container. Our packers don’t “make do.” They have the materials and the expertise to pack each item carefully and thoroughly.


The key to a quick and successful move is organization, and professional packing definitely helps you stay organized. Each box is expertly labeled, and every item in your home or office–from paper clips to soup cans to large-screen televisions–will be included.

Your unpacking will go smoothly because each room will be clearly labeled, and you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for quickly and with ease.

When you do your packing yourself, you usually have to start weeks in advance. This method means that you start by packing the items you use less often and work toward the items you use every day. While this can be effective for time management, it’s not very effective for organization. You end up with mixed boxes of items from different rooms. When your entire household or office is packed at once, it’s much easier to keep similar items together and organized.


Some items just don’t fit into cardboard boxes, but that doesn’t mean they don’t require packing. We offer custom packing services like crating for oversize and fragile items. Professional crating can mean the difference between successfully moving an unusual item to a new location and having to risk its safety or leave it behind.


The weeks leading up to a move are very busy. There are so many details to attend to. You can save yourself a tremendous amount of time by turning packing and unpacking over to the professionals.

Even during packing day, you can continue to do your own work or just take a day off to stay away from the work of getting your household or office ready to move. By leaving the packing to us, you can spend your time attending to the things that only you can do.

To learn more about Father & Son professional packing and unpacking services, give us a call. We can provide you with a free estimate and answer your questions.

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